Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Very First Blog

This Is A Picture Of My Special Kitten a Angel Princess Gray.You Are Probably Asking To Yourself Why All Four Names? Well Good Question.I Adopted Her Back On Feb.25TH Of This Year After The Loss Of My Beloved 13 Year Old Cat Opie.She Was Four Months Old And A Feisty One! Getting Back To Her Names I Originally Named Her Angel,Then Due To The Color Of Her Fur I Called Her Charcoal Gray And Sometimes Princess.When She Reaches One Year In October It Will Be Adult Life For her Kitten Days Over.She Was Terrified And Shy When She Was Brought Home And Took Awhile To Gain My Trust.The Next Day She Finally Came Out Of Hiding With Her Delicate Squeaky Cute Meows And Befriended Me. Its So Cute How I Call her She Wakes Up Meowing Taking Some Time Rubbing Her Face On Things Then Comes To Me.She Is Truly A Gift To Me From God.