Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Beautiful Canadian White Goose In The Evening Sun:)

Tonight As I Arrived At Church I Spotted The Lovely Pure White Canadian Goose.It Was Flapping Its Wings In The Golden Hour Before Sunset While Fussing And Making Loud Honking Sounds Saying World Here I Come Get Out Of My Way! Then Tagging Along Were Its Followers Dark Gray Canadian Geese.
A Few Weeks Back I Did Spot Them In The Fields At My Little Country Church.Also That Was The First Time I Saw The White One On The Property.Normally I See It Sailing By In The Deep Creek Across The Street From Church.I Took Some Videos And Pictures And Glad I Was Able To See It Again.
White Goose And Followers
Beautiful White Canadian Goose Having A Refreshing Drink Of Water On A humid Early Evening.