Monday, September 2, 2013

Tips On Taking Amazing Photos And Why I Shoot Them In The Golden Hour

                             Photo Taken In The Golden Hour
Here are some valuable tips on shooting photos in the golden hour.You Are probably saying what is the golden hour and whats the difference?
Several years ago i got into photography and noticed i favored taking my pictures either in the early morning after sunrise or early evening.My reason for this was i could not get over how intriguing everything looked.Just a few years ago i was doing some research on the sunrise and sunset times in different areas and was always fascinated with the sunrise and sunset times in different part of the world.Long sunny evenings in the summer are endearing to me.So i came across similar articles on the topic ,one caught my eye and was all about the golden hour and photography.I thought to myself no wonder why everything looks so golden and has that special glow to them after sunrise and before sunset. I discovered what an amazing effect right before sunset how my pictures looked.The sun is at it's lowest during the golden hour in morning and early evening creating a soft look in pictures.
The golden hour is the first hour of daylight before sunrise and last hour of daylight right before sunset.Which makes this hour so ideal for photography.During that whole hour the sun and patterns are ever so changing and it's important not to miss a moment. If you want to achieve great pictures and variety of angles,and when the sun is low soft diffused light is produced which is more appealing to the eyes then the midday sun which creates an overexposed harsh light on pictures. I personally feel all pictures look stunning taken in the golden hour.Landscapes,nature scenes,macro flower shots,buildings and people.
When you arrive at the location you will want to take a variety of pictures because due to the sun nearly setting the look can change in 10 minutes since the golden hour is always changing.On your camera setting switch it to cloudy or, i just use auto without the flash myself. and get the full spender of it all. Also during this special hour makes an amazing look and warm glow for photographing in it's natural light indoors too near a large window.The patterns of sun setting look picturesque for inside shots.
Well what are you waiting for go out there and capture beauty in the golden hour!

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