Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer Is Not Over Just Yet!

Beautiful Sunset I Took Right outside The Front Door! This Is Surely God's Artwork In The Sky.
There Is A Pet Peeve Of Mine I Do Not Like When People Say Oh Summer Is Officially Over On Labor Day.I For One Say It Is Not True.It Is Over When The Calender Say's It's Over Which Is On Sept.22nd! Then Falls Rolls In And Summer Is End.Which Is Hard To Say Goodbye.I Love Summer And Spring!
Also Why Do People Say Summer Is Official On Memorial Day? The First Day Of Summer Is June.21st Which Is The Most Prettiest Longest Day Of The Year.Of Course I Do Wish Summer Did Start Sooner.Wouldn't That Be Nice? 
Im Not Looking Forward To Fall And Winter.Its Too Long,Dark,Depressing And Cold.I'll Just Savor Summer After All We Do Have Until Sept.22nd Not Labor Day! Yes Sometimes It Gets Cooler In That Month But We Will have A Few Mild Days Im Hoping!Oh By The Way My Cat Thinks She Is A Dog.Earlier I Caught Her Chasing Her Tail Running Around In Circles HA! Also She Wrinkles Her Upper Lip And Shows Tooth LOL! She Is Def One Of A Kind!
This Is Her Hanging Out In The Basement And Were She Chases Her Tail! Oh She Collects Pine Cones From An Early Christmas Tree Down There!